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 Robust Strategic Planning

Explicitly Set the Goals Used to Select the Mountains to Climb

To often companies invest major time, money and resources in pursuit of a goal which when achieved fails to move the company into a better competitive position.  Selecting the right next job requires an explicit knowledge of what you wish to accomplish in detailed terms.  Goals must be tractable and measurable.

Proper Strategic plans, are the foundation of all subsequent planning. What good does it do to have effective tactical plans for ineffective market strategies?  How effective are your current strategic plans?  Using the proper process should make this one of the most stimulating and rewarding experiences of the year.

The Velocity Pointe strategic planning process uses several very effective tactics:

  •  Outside subject matter experts are used to expand the planning team's global knowledge
  •  The process starts by revisiting in-depth the current corporate mission and markets
  •  A robust brainstorming process is used to push the envelope of current thinking - outside the box major opportunities are routinely discovered.
  •  The unstructured brainstorming output is cataloged and structured into a coherent set of coordinated opportunities.
  •  The strategic plan is two documents.  One with detailed and confidential management understanding, and the second a high level plan to show the troops where the new opportunities lie.

For more information see the Newsletter: Strategic Planning for the Real World.


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