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Velocity Pointe's corporate mission is to be the catalyst for companies to move to new levels of revenue and profit - our selection of engagements must meet this test.

Feel free to contact us anytime.  Much of what we offer is state-of-the-art and not found in textbooks.  Discussions about the management technologies are welcomed and enjoyed.

Our initial contact with you has no hidden commitment or billing.  Our policy requires all fees to be tied to tangible deliverables and explicitly quoted before any commitment is made on your part.

For in-depth questions, we can provide a web-based discussion demonstrating many of the concepts in real time.  You will need to be at an internet connected computer to view the custom material.

Velocity Pointe products are primarily delivered through Value Added pricing.  This means that you only pay for results.  This aligns our goals to be an agent of your success.  We do deliver Firm Fixed Price projects when there is no immediate connection between the deliverables and the bottom line.

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Spherical Angle - Provides the Project Management Software used in TM
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