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 Design the Business for Success

Climbing the Wrong Mountain Just Hurts.

In order to accomplish the greatest success with the minimum investment, you must do the right jobs right the first time.  A small upfront investment in effective planning can payback many times over with the result of an assured success.

The test of whether your planning documents are working is simple - are they filed away or are they referred to on a regular basis?  Plans that do not positively impact the day-to-day business are just paper, or when inaccurate, recipes for failure.

Just because someone calls an activity "planning" doesn't mean that the output is robust, effective or accurate.  Velocity Pointe has refined the planning processes with proven business results as its goal.  You may have seen the names but the content is not the same.  The strategic and tactical planning processes contain unique components which explicitly address the interaction-centric nature of today's organizations.

It seems that there is never enough time or money to do all of the required planning.  Too often this results in the death of a fantastic opportunity.  Our planning suite helps fill the gaps in a surgically precise manner - you only use the planning piece you need WHEN you need it.  We show you how to achieve robust real world plans which become the foundation of your new success.

Velocity Pointe can deliver/mentor the following planning and analysis activities:

  •  Business System Analysis is the quick start process for experiencing the interaction-centric system at work to create a step improvement in the business
  •  Robust Strategic Planning using all the critical subject matter experts to capture all of the key deliverables required for success
  •  Portfolio Management provides the selection and prioritization of the work of the organization

If your goal is to grow your business, then the corporate growth project plan needs the same planning, timeline and program management one would use for any technology development.  We can assist in creating the critical path plan which focuses on the right issue at the right time.


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