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Business System Analysis

Quick Start Program:

What can I do right now that will increase revenue while controlling costs?  The Business System Analysis is designed to answer this question ASAP.

Most executive managers are faced with a wide-range of "opportunities" to improve business.  Some are infrastructure based activities and others are business execution activities.

Since time, budget and the staff's tolerance are limited, which "opportunity" should be pursued?  The answer is simple - take action on the activity that will directly improve the ability of the business to generate revenue.

So what is keeping your business from being more successful?  What is its constraint?  There can only be one rate limiting constraint dominating any system at any one time.  In a business, identifying the constraint on revenue generation focuses one on the part of operations which will have the most immediate and sizable impact on revenue.  The Business System Analysis will identify your current constraint.

In practice, properly identifying the constraint, and optimizing its throughput has resulted in immediate and significant increases in the bottom line.  The flip side is that any action taken which does not impact the constraint will have no true improvement in revenue.

The Business System Analysis process consists of:

  •  An initial phone interview with a senior team member to define the issues for study
  •  Focused data gathering using the company's financial and sales reports
  •  A one day on-site visit with a short personal interviews with each member of the senior executive team
  •  Detailed analysis of the data to distill it into the required information
  •  Delivery of the report in a half-day on-site review where the identified constraint is examined and business strategies are discussed to eliminate or leverage the constraint to improve throughput

The fee is 100% contingent upon the senior management's perception of value delivered. 

For more detailed information view the Nov 2005 Newsletter "Finding the Lever to Increase Revenues - The Business System Analysis"

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