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 Grow Through Innovation

Your profit dollars are spent on R&D.  Make them count.

Once the "Right Jobs are Defined" and the logistical capacity of an organization is increased using the methods in "Doing the Right Jobs Right", the next step for many companies is to look at improving the overall approach to development.

Velocity Pointe offers two approaches to improving the R&D process: Innovation by Design and Optimum Consumer Products.  Again, these techniques use state-of-the-art technologies blended with management tools to create unique management technologies.

Innovation by design integrates the Total Matrix Management methods with the ECHIP Design of Experiments methods and software.  ECHIP has been used by thousands of companies worldwide and is responsible for the optimization of billions of dollars of products sold annually.

The Optimum Consumer Products also combines a leading edge technical method with key management processes.  This management technology can significantly improve the consumer acceptance of many types of products.

Both of these management technologies offer the potential of developing unique market positions through the creation of a steady stream of superior cost effective products.


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