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Innovation by Design
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 Innovation by Design

Effective R&D creates the new money pumps.

R&D is a critical function for many companies.  Do it badly and the company loses to its competitors.  Some of the most expensive resources in the company are part of R&D.  So doesn't it make sense for R&D to be as high quality AND efficient as possible?

Innovation by Design integrates the power of two state-of-the-art technologies: Total Matrix Management and Design of Experiments.  The Total Matrix Management solution provides the organization and methodology for project management.  The Design of Experiments delivered by Velocity Pointe uses the software tool ECHIP.  Members of Velocity Pointe have provided technical support for the Design of Experiments and have filled the role of helping others develop optimized products.  Billions of dollars of products are sold annual which have been optimized using ECHIP and its technical support.

In one paper company their typical project ran 1 1/2 years to develop a new paper and coating which was qualified for production.  After implementing the ECHIP methods they found that with the same staff, their projects were being completed in 1 1/2 months - a 12X increase in performance!

Currently the ECHIP software and training are available through Velocity Pointe - click here.

See the Newsletter Creating New Products on Demand - Innovation by Design for more details.


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