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 Pocket Executive Program

Timely Affordable Support for Business Leaders

Every small to mid-sized business has needs which are best addressed by seasoned executives - "professionals who have been there and done that."  The problem is that the need is sporadic, requires varying skill sets, and is not large enough to warrant the expense of a full-time experienced C-Level executive.  Our solution is the Pocket Executive.

The concept is to provide routine access to an experienced C-Level executive at the cost of a good receptionist.  The single minded goal of the Pocket Executive is to help grow revenues while improving the quality of life for the business' senior management.  The commitment is to have the Pocket Executive's contributions create significantly more value than their cost.  The side benefit is that the business leader gains a confidant who can be safely used: as a sounding board to explore new ideas, and as a impassionate listener on which to vent frustrations without any negative consequences.

The Pocket Executive program is our "pay-it-forward" investment in our business community.  Our fees are adjusted to reflect this.

As your Pocket Executive, we can assist your business in the creation, upgrading, or execution in the following areas:

  •  Executive Support and one-on-one coaching

  •  Sales

  •  Marketing

  •  Exporting

  •  Product Development

  •  Patent, invention and IP protection and licensing

  •  Strategic Alliances

  •  Supply Chain

  •  Human Resources

  •  Financial Services

  •  Manufacturing

  •  Distribution

  •  IT Infrastructure

  •  Telecommunications

  •  Planning - Strategic, Tactical, Revenue Models, Portfolio Management

With our executive backgrounds we have direct hands-on experience with many of the topics above.  However, there is no individual who can be an expert in all of these areas.  As a Pocket Executive we invest time and energy to maintain a strong network of professionals who excel in their area of expertise.  If we do not have the background in a given area, we know someone who does and who can provide it in an affordable high-quality manner.

In the language of Time Management, as Pocket Executives we assume the task of focusing on the important issues, while your senior staff addresses the urgent issues required to keep the business running.

Bringing a Pocket Executive onboard is a simple low-risk process.  Contact us and start the conversation.

With our background as executives, we understand the need to control risk and costs. In this vein, we offer the first 2 meetings with no fees or obligations.


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