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The effective new management tools are just that – new technologies that are beyond the current paradigms.  To gain critical insights in a timely manner you need to get face time with the subject matter experts.  Velocity Pointe has created these briefings to give you the power to make that happen – an on demand program to deliver information to you by experts in the field.

Why can’t anyone meet a deadline?
Maximizing Corporate Performance

All Business Models are Wrong, Some are Useful
Story Telling Your Way to Success
Having a Brand is not an Option. What it stands for is.
Aggressive Market Domination
Portfolio Mismanagement
Consumers Vote for What THEY Like With $

Life After Six-Sigma
Winning the Senior Management Super Bowl

Implementations of SAP, ERP, CRM... Are Routinely Disasters But Should They Be?


Total Matrix Management (.pdf, 770 KB)
Lean Plan Builder (.pdf, 625 KB)
Business Constraint Analysis (.pdf, 1.2 MB)
Optimum Consumer Product (.pdf, 1.1 MB)

White Papers

Why Do the Decisions of Intelligent Managers Deliver so Little Success? (pdf, 770 Kb)
Total Matrix Management (.pdf, 1.1 MB)
Estimating the Financial Benefit of Total Matrix Management (.pdf, 174 KB)
Excel Spreadsheet Project Value Estimator (zip - excel file requires macros 153 KB)
Business Constraint Analysis Process Description (.pdf, 50 KB)
In-Depth Discussion of Optimum Consumer Products (.pdf, 278 KB)
Understanding the Value Network and its Benefits (.pdf, 1.2 MB)


Oct 2005: Delivering the Market Leading Product - Optimum Consumer Products
Nov 2005: Finding the Lever to Increase Revenues - The Business Constraint Analysis
Dec 2005: Total Matrix Management - Enterprise Project Management That Works
Jan 2006: Portfolio Decisions
Feb 2006: Creating New Products on Demand - Innovation by Design
Mar 2006: Why are We Constantly Missing Milestones? - Doing the Right Jobs Right
May 2006: Strategic Planning for the Real World
June 2006: Effective Tactical Planning - Lean Plan Builder



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