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Your personal on-demand delivery of critical knowledge

These briefings are designed for senior management teams and are created with their active participation in mind.  Thus, they are delivered live at your chosen location and not as web broadcasts.  To eliminate cost as a barrier the price of the individual briefings is limited to a single ˝ day fee plus travel costs for the experts (typically two).  The constraint of the low fixed-fee limits the number of briefing engagements to be offered.  This material can also be presented as invited talks for your professional society’s monthly meetings. The fee may be waived for professional societies.

Our goal is to create critical conversations that focus on increasing revenues.  The topics are developed and presented by experts who are passionate about their subject matter.  The best results occur when the speakers are challenged with questions that continue the dialog beyond the briefing.  A manager's statement such as, "But we are different..." always leads to positive informative discussions.

The briefings provide goal oriented executives with: 

  •  Critical analyses of new and controversial business “solutions” along with key insights into fundamental business processes and ways to leverage them
  •  Answers to critical questions provided by subject matter experts given in a live, interactive format that facilitates focusing on the right issues
  •  On-demand delivery - hear WHAT you need to hear WHEN you need to hear it with the security of an in-house forum that eliminates the confidentiality barriers
  •  One hour format that allows easy add-on to weekly or monthly meetings
  •  Guaranteed quality of content and value

You need to decide for yourself whether a new management system makes sense for your organization: is it a fad; is it interesting but irrelevant; or is it potentially a critical new core-competency needed to compete in the global community?  Velocity Pointe structures the information to build upon your experience rather than to replace it.

  1. Why can’t anyone meet a deadline? – We often unintentionally reward our operational management and staff to ensure failure.  Understanding the problem makes the solution self-evident.  This briefing identifies common practices and policies that undermine program/project performance.  Full scope projects can be completed on time and on budget.
  1. Maximizing Corporate Performance – Discover how you can identify the fundamental constraint in your business.  Fixing problems not associated with the business constraint has no effect on profit.  Optimizing the business can only happen by managing the constraint.  A tailored business outline is presented with the typical constrained areas identified.
  1. All Business Models are Wrong, Some are Useful – You can’t control what you can’t model.  Tactical success requires understanding which actions will give you the desired results.  This briefing gives a straightforward way to model the complex dynamics of your business.  Simple changes in one’s viewpoint can lead to powerful improvement strategies.
  1. Story Telling Your Way to Success – You can use the power of story to develop strategic direction collaboratively and communicate that direction so that people listen, remember, and act on it.   Experience a proven way to deliver your key messages to: your staff, the board, your customers...  Leave with two narrative tools you can use immediately in your organization.
  1. Having a Brand is not an Option. What it stands for is. Your Brand is your reputation as defined through the market’s total experience with your company. It’s based on more than your image and message. Your product performance, customer service and employee behaviors have a huge impact. This briefing identifies the ABC’s of positive brand management for application in your real world environment.
  1. Aggressive Market Domination – John Boyd’s Maneuver Warfare is discussed as it applies to business.  Discover a powerful approach to success in a highly competitive marketplace.  Businesses that address markets with constant product updating can use this “churn” to become the untouchable leader.
  1. Portfolio Mismanagement – No one can afford developing the wrong product or service. See one way to change it to: Doing the Right-Things Right at the Right Time!  Portfolio management is a strategic exercise, while many of the popular tools use tactical measures.  Can this be right?
  1. Consumers Vote for What THEY Like With $ – Why do 4 out of 5 new consumer products fail when they don’t have to?  Discover how you can reverse this trend for almost any product line.  The failures have created an operational environment which is extremely conservative and unwilling to learn new technologies.
  1. Life After Six-Sigma – Give a little boy a hammer and everything he encounters needs pounding.  Too often the right tool is used for the wrong job.  Improper use of Design for Six-Sigma (DFSS) kills innovation – a tactical tool is being used to manage the strategic operation of R&D.  Gain insights into how changing the “success metric” can significantly improve how the tools of Six-Sigma impact the non-manufacturing processes of your business – make the tool fit your needs, not your needs fit the tool.
  1. Winning the Senior Management Super Bowl – The skills of senior executives are not that of the average staff.  It takes special insight and processes to leverage these skills to create a powerful trust-based management TEAM.  An organizational structure with independent functional silos and related management rewards can block critical internal business interactions.
  2. Implementations of SAP, ERP, CRM... Are Routinely Disasters But Should They Be? – Businesses consist of an organizational structure and processes.  Software tools must fit this existing system.  If a major piece of software does not model your business do you remake your business to fit the software?  Software systems are tools - they do not fix broken parts of an organization.  There are a couple of very straightforward actions one can take to ensure the new IT system leverages a business to a higher level.

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