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The Secret

We have discovered that by applying a rigorous systems-based model to business, we explicitly identify the control points and metrics required to achieve command and control of any organization.  Although we completely support keeping the score (documenting profit), the operational metrics are rarely money, but rather clear leading-indicators providing feedback and guidance on how to optimize the system.  Our goal is to increase revenues with controlled expenses to yield increase in profits, but none of these numbers are "operational controls".

Our management technologies are generic in that every business is a system focused on meeting customer needs by the delivery of a particular solution.  The delivery of the solution drives the revenue generation.  The leading indicators are tied to specific activities which must occur to deliver this solution.  By using a systems model it quickly becomes clear how to manage the business's disparate functional silos to deliver maximum revenues with controlled costs.  This is why we can tie our fees to the improvement in profitability.

Without the explicit systems model of the business, all of the current business solutions (ERP, BPM...) are just shots in the dark because the majority of their metrics provide little guidance on how to improve the operation - instead they just monitor its performance after the fact.

Our customers are special.  They have made themselves part of an elite group associated with companies which have a powerful presence in their respective market spaces.  If you believe that you are part of an organization that is more interested in success than the status quo, you belong to a rare 1 in 10 company.  This is good.

If you are an executive of such a company, the management technologies offered by Velocity Pointe can be the sword you use to decimate your competition.  If you are willing to actively participate in the implementation of the management technology being delivered you will be successful.  This is very good.  Your competitor, who lives in a hands-off delegated management environment where corporate politics reign, will never be able to even start the process of improvement.

Is it worth it?  Senior executives who have embarked on this path have taken their companies to new levels of performance.  To your competitors, your ability to perform in the marketplace will seem like magic.  The more they try to best you in one area the more they pull resources from the others.  In the long run you will own your marketplace.  This is fantastic.

Only you can make the decision to leave the status quo behind.  When you decide to take this journey, our job is to equip you with the best and most powerful management technologies available while we share the risk by tying our fees to the performance improvement of the company.


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