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Understanding DOE

The following Powerpoint 2003 presentations contain information about the fundamental DOE concepts, and issues of managing DOE for maximum success.


ECHIP State-of-the-Art Software

Since 1983, ECHIP Software has led the industry in providing the most capable Design of Experiments solution (DOE).  ECHIP DOE Software is designed for use by experimenters in all fields: Pharmaceuticals, Marketing, Sports Equipment, Food and Beverage, Plastics, Medical Equipment, Semiconductor Devices, Paint and Formulations, Paper, Fine Writing Tools, Inks and Printers, Adhesives, Packaging, Automotive Products, and more...

Download the ECHIP Version 7.01 Player/Demo

To obtain a copy of the software go to ExperimentationbyDesign.com

The current online version of ECHIP Version 7.01 available above is compatible with all versions of Windows 7 or earlier.

The older CD version of the ECHIP 7.01 installation and activation with Windows XP is self explanatory. However, Vista has implemented several intolerant features which require extra care in installing and activating the ECHIP software.  See the guides below for instructions on how to install ECHIP so it runs robustly under Vista.

ECHIP Experimentation by Design Workshops

Over the last 25 years, The ECHIP Workshops have taught thousands of professionals how to successfully apply DOE to their research and development problems.  The skills-level workshops give one the ability to independently address complex experimental problems with confidence in the method AND in the results.

Experimentation by Design, LLC teaches the 3-day Basic and the 2-day Advanced Experimentation by Design Workshops worldwide at your site.  Public courses are not offered at this time. 


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